Winter 2022 / 2023 I released 6 more fun anecdotes finishing 1 April with Rock Festival

Winter 2021 / 2022 I released 6 more anecdotes finishing with Swab Test

2 July 2021 Great to be back on stage last night for the opening of “Reunited” which was a sell out performance

June 2021 Rehearsing for play “Reunited”

28 May 2021 I completed my challenge of releasing a fun 30 sec video anecdote once a week for a year. Watch all 52 on my YouTube channel:

Ros’ Real Anecdotes – YouTube

April 2021, recorded further monologue written by Susannah Finzi and Jules Marshall

For Friday 13th

19th Ros’ Real Anecdote – Football

For the UK return to school

For VJ Day 15 Aug 2020

6th Ros’ Real Anecdote on YouTube – Plasterboard

5 June 2020 1st Ros’ Real Anecdote on YouTube

June 2020 Created YouTube channel

Ros’ Real Anecdotes – fun approx 30 secs anecdote every Friday afternoon for a year

May 2020 Monologue “Congratulations” written by Susannah Finzi and Jules Marshall, recorded in Lockdown